Lakeside Mission Statement

"To mobilize the people and resources of Lakeside into a God-centered service of compassionate evangelism.”

Scriptural Basis for Lakeside Missions

God's will for His church as expressed in the Scriptures provides the basis and motivation for the congregation of Lakeside Baptist Church to reach out to a lost and hurting world in response to the following:

  1. To fulfill the Great Commission of Christ to make disciples throughout the world.
    (Matthew 9:35-38; 28:18-20; John 4:35-38; Acts 1:8)
  2. To demonstrate Christ's compassionate heart to those in need.
    (Deuteronomy 15:7-11; Isaiah 58:5-11; 61:1-2; Matthew 25:31-46)
  3. To retrieve the spiritually lost.
    (Matthew 18:10-14)
  4. To encourage personal evangelism through relationship.
    (1 Corinthians 9:19-23)
  5. To mobilize our resources so that all can hear and understand the gospel (good news) in their own language.
    (Romans 10: 13-15)


Missions Resources

There is a growing ‘Missions’ section at Lakeside Library containing valuable missions materials, including a very good small group study on integral mission called ‘Operation Worldview’.  There is also a magazine rack in the library full of current and interesting materials  we receive from several Missions organizations.

Missions & Sunday School

Through Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope Children's Outreach Ministry, the children of Lakeside participate in bringing their tithes and offering to support the sponsorship of Rehana Prijit, a girl from Tamil Nadu, India.

Missions Request Forms

Mission Partner - Agency Application July 2016

Short Term Missions Application

Summer Student Ministry Application

Missions Projects

Mission Harvest Newsletter

Lakeside's Mission team's most current project is the 'Lakeside Harvest Newsletter'
The goal of the newsletter is to keep the congregation up to date on what is happening within missions locally and globally. Each newsletter has a few key points of information for our readers. It highlights one of our mission partners, has testimonies of recent short term mission trips from people from the congregation and has prayer requests that we can all join forces and pray for together for that particular season. The newsletter comes out on a quarterly basis and will make its way into your care card folders and email inbox's. To see the current issue please click the image below. Be sure to let us know what you think and send us your suggestions to missions@mylakeside.ca

Missions Partner Wall

A future mission team project is 'The Lakeside Missions Wall'. The Mission wall in going to be a central area in the church building where people can see where Lakeside is working on a global scale. It in another informative way to keep our congregation in the know of where we are sending people, resources and the word of Jesus. Stay Tuned for updates..!!

Short Term Missions

Guatemala: November 2016

In November 2016, a team from Water Ambassador's Canada went to Guatemala. There was a team of 8 who went, 2 of whom are from Lakeside. Brenda Mckee and Danielle Foisy stayed in a little village called Coyolote, and helped the community build bio-sand filters.

Bio-Sand Water Filters use layers of sand and gravel to filter out materials. They have a wet biological layer (a miniswamp)
on top. This small ecosystem kills the pathogens and produces enough water for a single household.

It was a great week of learning the culture,meeting people who love the Lord and being able to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Lakeside church through the missions team was blessed to help fund their outreach.

Nicaragua: February 2017

My name is Victoria Archibald and I went on my second mission trip with Water Ambassadors Canada to Nicaragua this past February 2017. I am so thankful tor the opportunity to participate in these trips, and have developed a passion for serving those in need.

My latest trip was a lot of hard work as we repaired 2-4 wells each day resulting in a total of 12 rusted, contaminated, and broken wells repaired. This equates to 1,680 ft of pipe fed into the ground and access to clean water for thousands of people.

It brought me such joy to talk, laugh, play, and dance with the many children that came to watch us work. In an effort to bless others I was blessed immeasurably in return. Thank you Lakeside family for all of your support both prayerfully and financially.

God Bless

Mission Partners

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Partner: David Perecko

Our desire is to see the youth of today being shaped by God's word and led by the Holy Spirit. The purpose of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada is the transformation of youth, students and graduates, in all their ethnic diversity, into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. Teenagers spend six hours a day, almost 200 days a year in high school. That’s why Inter-Varsity campus ministers make it a priority to connect with teenagers in schools, on their turf. We want to help them figure out faith in the context of school and in the company of their friends and piers.

YWAM: Youth With a Mission

Partners: David & Marg Hinds

Youth With A Mission is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM (pronounced “WHY-wham”), we unite in a common purpose to know God and to make Him known.

The Zimbabwe’s

Partners: Jeff & Carol Way

Eden Children's Village was founded in Mhangura, Zimbabwe to assist children-at-risk in the Makonde District of Mashonaland West. It is a ministry of Goshen Christian Church in Goshen, Indiana. Eden Children's Village has been formed in partnership with Christians in Zimbabwe, the US and Canada. We are excited about making a difference in the lives of the children and those in need in Africa.

Youth Unlimited

Partner: Dana McMahon

Youth Unlimited helps young people discover their potential. From prevention to helping kids on the margins, our dedicated staff and relevant programming offer connection and transformation fostering mental, physical, social, spiritual and emotional well-being among young people in our community.

Youth Unlimited offers a number of programs for youth of different ages and different tastes. These programs come into existance by asking, What is the Greatest Felt Need of the Community? We are currently operating out of different locations around the community. Check us out to see what's happening and where to find our programs.

We also run programs for grades 4-8 called Haven. Haven is a program where kids can come and have snacks, play games, be outside, do crafts, meet new friends and learn! Each week is different and jam packed with lots of fun stuff.

Well of Life Ministries

Partners: Jeff & Lydia Smith

Jeff Smith was sent to the Philippines in 2005. There he and wife Lydia started The Well of Life non-government organization. This organization has a wide variety of programs aimed at helping the less fortunate demographic of the Philippines. It teaches good health practices, helps people learn to read and farm and establishes business opportunities to assist people in making a simple living. The organization is currently raising funds to build a day care centre, women’s shelter and is collecting donations toward sponsorships for individual children.

EMI Canada

Partner: Kathleen Wassenaar

In a world of physical and spiritual poverty, eMi designs a world of hope.

Engineering Ministries International Canada is a non-profit Christian development organization mobilizing volunteer architects, engineers, surveyors, building technicians and other design professionals who donate their skills to help children and families around the world step out of poverty and into a world of hope.

Medeba Adventure Learning

Partners: Medeba

As a Christian organization we believe that God is the author of life. We desire to see young people recognize that there is a God who created and loves them, wants to be connected with them and provides meaning and purpose for their life. Our Desire: To challenge young people to continually say “yes” to God.

Adventure and community experiences are wonderful ways for young people to discover things about themselves, about God and how the two relate. We are very concerned with using a safe and responsible approach when ministering to young people in our care. It is very important to us that we are providing a physically, socially and spiritually safe environment where no one is forced, coerced or emotionally pushed to accept any truth or make any decision.

Our mission is to use adventure and community to challenge young people to continually say “yes” to God

Latin America Ministries

Partners: Daniel & Helen Bravo

Daniel and Helen decided to follow Christ and dedicate their lives to serve Him wherever He wanted them to go. God has led them to serve in Colombia – their own country. Many in Colombia, especially the youth, are suffering from violence, injustice and lack of opportunities. Daniel and Helen feel challenged by God’s word to be salt and light among them. Their ministry is focused on evangelism through sports and youth missionary teams.

Monarch Bible Camp


We operate DAY CAMP Programs in six different locations. Being a mobile camp enables us to service several communities and bring the fun and stimulation of camping right to the camper's neighbourhood. The day program is ideal for many families - it is much more affordable since food and facility costs are reduced, it provides a full camp program close to home, it gives families time together in the evenings, and it’s good for the local economy. It’s great for campers who want to enjoy camp but don’t enjoy being away from home. Grandparents enjoy treating their grandchildren to week at camp and still having time to enjoy them in the evening.

Monarch Bible Camp has been in operation under this name since 2000 when the directorship and office moved from Minden to Fenelon Falls. The camp, formerly known as CSSM Bible Camp - Minden, has been in operation since the mid-80s. The focus of the camp has always been to meet the needs of smaller communities. Monarch is part of the largest Canadian camp organizations, One Hope Canada which has been in operation since 1927. This organization operates over 40 camps as well as other ministries and bring with it expertise, experience and professionalism.

Mission Team Members


Andrew Lang

Vice Chair:

Gerry Moraal

Missionary Care:


Beth Archibald


Danielle Foisy


Dan Fahrun