Christian Education

Christian Education

 ~ We desire to connect with Families in our Church & Community~

~ We exist to help people to connect to God, Others and the World~

Lakeside highly values the ministry of Christian Education in the lives our children & youth and strongly believes that it is crucial to have an effective Christian Education Ministry as the Bible is very clear that we are to raise our children in the ways of God.

Each child is God’s unique creation, having been wonderfully made from conception. Children are a precious gift of God to their parents (Psalm 139). They have been endued by God with gifts and abilities for a purpose and call ordained by God. It is our prayer that each would realize his or her full potential in surrendering self to Jesus Christ (Jeremiah 9:23-24; Matthew 19:14).

The purpose of our Christian Education is to create Christian environments in which the children & youth are inspired to connect to their God-ordained destiny through a personal connection to Jesus Christ, to others in small groups and to the community in service.

The Christian Education Program is designed in such a way that allows the participants to socialize with their peers and at the same time discover that learning from God’s Word is FUN!  Each age group will have its own curriculum that is age-appropriate and aligns with Lakeside’s overall doctrine and vision.  In addition to the curriculum guides, the teachers/leaders will have ample supplementary materials that will enhance their teaching and meet the needs of each student, suitable to their individual learning methods.

Over the past several years, as the children and youth grew and matured, the Christian Education ministry at Lakeside has continued to take on numerous shapes and forms in order to meet their changing needs.  Currently we have approximately 60 children & youth, ranging between the ages of 0-18, being ministered to through many loving and supportive members of our family here at Lakeside.

Together, through prayer and dedication, we will strive to foster a community of genuine servants for Jesus Christ.