Care Groups

A care group is a small gathering of people who meet regularly to care for one another. They spend time to study God's word, the Bible or related topics. The focus is mutual care in a small setting. The study part is usually a mutually agreed on topic, passage or video where a leader (facilitator) guides the group discussion and learning. There is ample time for open discussion so this is not preaching or a lecture. The objective is to become more like Christ by learning His words and ways through active study, discussion and service.

The care part is a sharing of prayer or other needs so the group can come along side and help each other. This is most commonly by focused prayer but can also be in the form of physical help.

Each care group has its own characteristics depending on the makeup of the group and time of life focus. Some include a time of worship and song. Others are more introspective and quiet. You need to find a place where you feel comfortable and welcome.

Care groups are open to all comers—whether members of Lakeside or another church, adherents, or those just interested or seeking to know more about God and His creation. Due to space limitations, however, some care groups become filled. Some groups have a specific focus such as Grief Share and are more specific. They are often support type groups. These are noted in the name and description.

Any questions about either of the above, please call me.

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