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January 7, 2018

What Is Your Purpose?

What Is Your Purpose? There is a popular idea that true freedom must mean a complete absence of any limitations. But is that really freedom? Is a fish more free if it decides to pursue it’s purpose on land? Is a bird more free under water? Does a hammer express it’s purpose best on a construction site […]

February 12, 2017

A Former Life

Don’t you wish you could put some things behind you? That there was a line you could draw across a point in time and say “That is not my life anymore, that was the old me.” As The Apostle Paul continues to remind his friends of the true gospel, he points to his own life […]

September 4, 2016

The Way To Live

King David lived a life filled with passions and troubles not unlike our own. Just like us, a great number of his troubles were brought on by his own sin and other trials he faced because of the sinful nature of those around him. But despite it all David move steadfastly forward in his relationship with God. What […]

March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was extra special with a baptism this year. Listen in as we consider what true baptism means for the Christian life and how we live in it’s power every day.

August 16, 2015

Jesus Enters Our Sorrow

December 1, 2013

Hope in God